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The Arduino Coin

Duinocoin is the first cryptocurrency that focuses on being mineable on practically every device. Especially geared towards Arduino and other ESP boards. Duinocoin seems to bring something new to the table by allowing practically everyone with a microcontroller and an internet connection to be able to experience the joy of mining crypto and be able to make some money by doing it. Though it is not much money depending on the number of miners you have, it is still a fun and neat project to try at least once in my opinion.

Duinocoin – A coin that can be mined with AVR boards.

Along with that, mining Duinocoin is easy as you can also mine it on your computer with your CPU, no, they do not allow or support GPU mining, but they do that to keep the mining rewards fair and allow everyone to be able to earn some DUCO (DUCO is the ticker for Duinocoin). Duinocoin blocks GPU miners by using a system called the Kolka system. As documented in their whitepaper on page 4, the Kolka system works by eliminating big miners from the Duinocoin network using multiple tactics such as throttling fast miners which exceed the max number of shares within a period and checking the number of workers per account and checking it against the time it took for the workers to find a share and the number of shares submitted within a period of time.

Now, supposedly if you are a GPU miner, the network will throttle your miner by increasing the difficulty so your GPU cannot attack the network or take all the mining rewards away from other miners to keep mining fair for every miner, big or small. Now, speaking of accounts, Duinocoins’ account system is easy and simple. Your wallet is secured by a username and password much like how PayPal secures your account which allows you to access your Duinocoin wallet on the web wallet or desktop wallet with ease and when you send a transaction, you can check your transaction and account balance on the explorer 24/7.

If you would like to learn more about Duinocoin, check out their whitepaper and their website.