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What is Beyondcoin

If you don't already know what Beyondcoin is, well you're in for a treat! Beyondcoin was developed by me at the age of 14. Now, onto what Beyondcoin actually is. Beyondcoin is what's called a cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoin. What makes Beyondcoin different from Bitcoin is that Beyondcoin is more secure as it utilizes the scrypt algorithm for a process called mining to bring in new Beyondcoins. Beyondcoin also has a predictable rate of inflation as there will only ever be 84 million Beyondcoins (actually ~83,999,999.9769 BYND). This makes Beyondcoin's inflation easily predictable and thus makes it more sustainable than fiat currencies for this purpose. Beyondcoin is also extremely secure as it would take someone about a million years with a decent computer to brute force a private key to a Beyondcoin wallet at our current technology. Beyondcoin was created to do these things to solve these issues with other digital currencies and fiat.

Beyondcoin was also created to help others by being a new cryptocurrency that has big plans for the future and that's why I've established the Beyondcoin Foundation to add a sense of security and peace in mind when it comes to the future of Beyondcoin's development and partners.

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I hope that you've enjoyed this article as this is my first time writing a blog post on my site, expect more posts to come! P.S. Remember to go Beyond the impossible!